2.2 Thoughts on time

Consider the well known equation of time dilation for moving bodies.


This equation tells us that as we approach the speed of light time runs slower. In fact at the speed of light, the time interval t gets infinitely bigger that the time interval at rest t0. Basically it seems that time flows at the speed of light when we are at rest, and stand still when we travel at the speed of light. It can be considered like a string where at one end we travel in space but stand still in time, and at the other end we travel in time but stand still in space. In real life we stand somewhere on this string near the latter end.
Our eyes see the light that a body reflects, and we perceive movement whenever the light coming from the body changes its angle hence direction or its frequency (for colors). Thus a body reflects light in all directions, and this can be thought as a collection infinitesimally thin shells of electromagnetic fields that leave the body at the speed of light getting bigger and bigger as the travel further from the body itself.
If we think a beam of light as made up of a collection of frames that flow in one direction (see Figure 2.5) and we imagine a body traveling in the same direction at the speed of light, we would see the body to stand always in the same frame hence we would not be able to experience the body movement as the light coming from it would never leave him and therefore never change. He would be static in time. As a conclusion we could say that light and time travel at the same speed, or maybe we could even say that they are the same thing, or that light is a disturbance of time. Maybe if we could create a space with no electromagnetic waves of any kind, that space would be timeless.
We know that space and time are locked together in the sense that we cannot separate them. If we have space then we need time to move within that space and vice versa, one on its own just does not make sense. But if time is light, as we stated earlier, than a distortion of spacetime, like gravitational waves, would simply be an electromagnetic wave/field, and this could explain why we never detected a gravitational wave. Personally, I expect the lattice of spacetime in the universe be fluctuating constantly like the surface of the sea on Earth, in fact the gravitational waves that we are looking for, would just be the background radiation of the universe.
The other statement was that light is a disturbance of time, or we could even say that time is the medium of light. We know that space and time are locked together, but they still are two different things, hence we might just be able to distort them separately. We know that moving charges produce a magnetic field around them, hence a magnetic field could be produced by a fast traveling body even if its net charge is null as its positive and negative charges cancel themselves out. At the end of the day a body is still made up if charges. In conclusion a distortion of time, like speed, could produce a magnetic field, whilst a distortion of space could produce gravity. However this last statement is not evidenced by any experiment as no gravitational wave has been detected yet and no body with a null net charge has ever reached such speeds.
Another thought on light is that if the temperature of an ideal gas is given by the kinetic energy of its molecules, which in turn is proportional to the speed of the molecules, and the speed of light is the ultimate limit, then an ideal gas traveling at the speed of light must cool down as its molecules cannot travel in any other direction otherwise they would be traveling faster than light. This is similar to a body that would stand still in time, hence a body traveling at the speed of light must cool down to zero degree Kelvin.


Figure 2.5Light seen as a flow of frames that travel at the speed of light.

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